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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (128 GB, 4 GB RAM, Intel Core M)

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (128 GB, 4 GB RAM, Intel Core M)

  • Microsoft Surface Pro 4 powers through everything you need to do, while being lighter than ever before
  • The 12.3″ PixelSense screen has extremely high contrast and low glare so you can work through the day without straining your eyes
  • Go from tablet to laptop in a snap with the multi-position Kickstand and improved keyboard.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is the tablet that can replace your laptop. Featuring a 6th Gen Intel Core M processor with 4GB memory and a 128GB solid state drive, it is more powerful than its predecessor yet lighter than ever before at 1.73 pounds. The amazing 12.3″ touchscreen PixelSense display with 2736 x 1824 resolution has extremely high contrast and low glare. Use the included Surface Pen to mark-up presentations, sign documents, take notes and much more. Performance and versatility for professionals, creatives, and more.

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What customers say about Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (128 GB, 4 GB RAM, Intel Core M)?

  1. 975 of 1,015 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    I love it, but you might not., October 28, 2015
    Joshua Oh (California) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    It seems like the big question right now is, “Do I get the Surface Pro 4 or the Surface Book?”

    I’ll explain why I chose the Surface Pro 4, but first, a quick about me. I am a college student majoring in EECS and I commute 4 hours a day by bus so having a light backpack is important to me.

    The S.Book is almost two times heavier than the SP4. It packs much more computing power than the SP4, but as an EECS major, I don’t need the extra power that the S.Book has. I don’t plan to play any intensive games or render/animate things so the SP4 fits my needs better. The S.Book also has a $400 higher price tag ($270 if you get the Type Cover for the SP4) that I’m not willing to pay for unneeded performance. I haven’t tried the S.Book’s keyboard, but the SP4’s keyboard feels great to type on and other reviewers have said both keyboards are amazing. Reading textbooks or other PDF’s feels much more natural with the SP4’s tablet form. The S.Book without the keyboard only has a battery life of 3 hours, and although it can be used with the keyboard ‘wrapped’ around the back, I think that it’ll only be a hassle for me to deal with. I’d rather not deal with having to detach the S.Book every time I want to use it in tablet mode. If you plan to render/animate things you should probably consider going with the Surface Book. Otherwise, I highly recommend the Surface Pro 4 for doing everyday/light to medium tasks.

    Now onto the actual Surface Pro 4 Review.

    I love the SP4. In the past year, I’ve owned an iPad Air, MacBook Pro, and the Razer Blade 2015. The SP4 fits my needs the best by far.

    The SP4 replaces both my textbooks and notebooks. For me, this is a big deal because I no longer have to carry around my notebooks, textbooks, and supplemental writing materials (highlighters, etc). The Surface Pen tips can be replaced with other pen tips to change the writing “feedback” feeling but the stock pen tip feels great. OneNote keeps all my notes organized and being able to access them from any device is incredibly convenient. Using the Surface Pen for writing on textbooks and PDF’s is also very useful.

    I’ve been getting ~7-9 hours of battery life on the SP4 which is more than enough to get me through a school day. The screen is not too small like the iPad, neither is it bulky like a laptop. The screen resolution is high and text/videos are crisp and easy to read/watch. The magnet on the left side of the SP4 is surprising strong and holds the Surface Pen well. The magnet on the right side is significantly weaker (maybe because all the I/O ports are on this side) but it can hold the pen well. The kickstand works perfectly and stays in the position I set it to. The SP4 Type Cover feels great and protects your screen when you aren’t using it.

    Gaming shouldn’t be the main reason you buy the SP4, but it could run some games if you decide to do so. I did try running StarCraft II and Heroes of the Storm and the SP4 handled it pretty well. I wouldn’t even bother trying to run more demanding games such as GTAV on the SP4. That being said, the gaming experience was rather unpleasant. You should consider the Surface Book if you plan to game on-the-go frequently.

    Software-wise, I don’t have much to comment on. It looks and performs exactly like Windows 10 should on a normal desktop or laptop. I’ve never used the Microsoft Store and don’t intend to so I don’t know much about the apps that are available on the SP4.

    The only con I found with this device is the fact that it only has a single USB port. It’s inconvenient when I’m using the SP4 with a mouse and I need to use my flash drive. I haven’t had any overheating issues and I can’t find any issues with the build quality.

    In closing, I don’t think anyone else offers the performance and quality that the Surface Pro 4 has in the same lightweight and thin chassis. It is incredibly versatile and it has replaced many heavy and cumbersome objects in my bag.

    I’ll update this review as I continue to use the SP4. Feel free to leave questions/comments and I will try my best to answer them.

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  2. 923 of 1,002 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    MUST READ. HONEST REVIEW., January 3, 2016

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    Currently, I have owned 4 Surface Pro 4s, 3 of which being replacement devices. These replacement devices came recommended by Microsoft Customer Service because they were unable to fix the defective Surface Pro 4 unit before it. It was unfortunate that 3 of the 4 Surface Pro 4s had glitches, bugs, and defects. This negative experience lasted from November 2015 to April 2016, far too long to say the least, but this negative experience has had it’s end. During that time, I went from “disappointed yet hopeful” to “totally giving up”. And though I had given up, Microsoft Customer Service had not. They reached out to me, apologizing to me once more for my less than perfect experience, and assured me that, if given another chance, they could provide a replacement device that worked. I decided to give it one more try. Microsoft kept that promise. After replacing the 3rd defective unit, I can announce with confidence that the 4th and current Surface Pro 4 works flawlessly. No glitches. No Bugs. No problems. A Premium Device.

    I have seen more and more positive reviews on Amazon.com from other buyers. The overall score has gradually improved from 3.6 out of 5 stars to 3.8. That may be slight, but it’s the first true rise it’s had since it’s fall. It may just be that Microsoft has finally got all those glitches and bugs under control, and now is a safest time as any to invest in the Surface line. For those still experiencing defects with your Surface Pro 4, don’t give up, Microsoft Customer Service will work with you to provide a fully functioning working unit, as they have done for me. Give them a call, go to your local Microsoft Store, or email them at [email protected]

    It should be noted that with each Surface Pro 4 unit, ALL the latest updates and drivers from Microsoft for the Surface Pro 4 were installed first, before any other action was taken. All third party programs, software, and setups were completed once the updates were current and the latest drivers were installed. Software and programs I use include Adobe Creative Suite and Anime Studio Pro 11. I purchased the i7 256GB SSD, 16GB RAM Surface Pro 4 unit.

    Here is my review for my current Surface Pro 4 device:

    July 1st, 2016. My Current and 4th Surface Pro 4:

    When I first heard the announcement for Surface Pro 3 during Microsoft’s Conference on May 20th, 2014, I was intrigued. Microsoft had truly caught my attention, for the Surface Pro 3 looked like a serious contender to Apple’s Mac line; however, I opted to not buy one and chose instead to follow the rumors and updates for the Surface Pro 4 from that time until the day of it’s official announcement on October 6th, 2015. The Surface Pro 3 had been a success in the business and scholastic world, yet it had not reached all of my expectations. I wanted a Surface Pro that had a “retina” display, a more powerful processor, higher SSD storage, higher RAM, better battery life, a better keyboard, an upgraded Surface Pen, and a more fluid OS. Needless to say, when the Surface Pro 4 and Book were officially announced, I was terribly excited. On paper, they met those expectations.

    The Surface Pro 4 offered the latest intel processors (up to an i7-6650U Skylake), Intel Iris 540 graphics, up to 16GB RAM, and up to a 1TB Solid State Drive Storage. It has a 12.3 screen (slightly larger than the Surface Pro 3), with a high resolution “Retina” display, which they have named the “PixelSense display”. The display has a resolution of 2736 x 1824 or 267 PPI. The wireless is the latest 802.11ac. I had recently purchased a Linksys 802.11ac Wi-Fi Router, so this excited me greatly. The latest Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology. 9 Hours of battery life. An updated Surface Pen. And equally important, their new OS Windows 10 with Windows hello, a more traditional start menu, Cortana, and so many other OS specific features.

    Again, when the Surface Pro 4 and Book were announced, I was terribly excited. Expectations met, I placed a preorder immediately. My current Surface Pro 4 has fulfilled all those expectations, with the exception of the battery life, ranging from 5-6 hours in battery saver mode with video playback, and not the marketed 9hr life. Though, I have noted that those utilizing a Surface Pro 4 with a smaller processor (i3 – i5) have reported better battery life. I purchased the Surface Pro 4 with an i7 intel processor. So if you are in school, frequent long trips, or have extended business hours away from a power outlet, you should plan on having a battery pack for the occasional plug-in charge (like the Lizone 40000 mAH/148h on Amazon.com).

    Aside from a lesser battery life than marketed, the Surface Pro 4 works like a champ. I have been using Adobe Creative Suite Software for photo and video editing and Anime Studio Pro 11 with ease. Windows 10 has been updated…

    Read more

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  3. 193 of 207 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Surface Pro 4 With Doc, Fantastic So Far…, November 8, 2015

    Wow, reading some of the reviews here, I’m left wondering if I purchased the same device. I purchased my Surface Pro 4 from Costco the weekend it was introduced and have been extremely impressed with the device thus far. My initial concern with the model Costco sells was the I5 processor 4GB of RAM & the 128 GB storage, but the concerns about processor & RAM have yet to prove to be a limitation (I’m not a gamer but it plays the couple of games I downloaded Asphalt 8 & Modern Combat with NO ISSUES at all) . The reason I opted to buy from Costco (Love You Amazon Prime) was because, for the $1149, the unit came with the type cover, 1 Yr of Office 365 (which gets you 1TB of cloud storage), and I could buy the 3 Yr Square Trade warranty (which is awesome) for $99.

    I have read allot about various issues with battery drain, touch pad issues, screen flicker etc. and have to say I have had none of these. The facial recognition (which was not available upon release of the device) was updated in the 1st firmware update a couple of days after the official release. This works flawlessly, although there have been some reports that it drains the battery somewhat. That being the case I simply reverted back to the pin login, until I can confirm that any issues have been resolved.

    I also purchased the new dock and have it working fine with 2 Dell E2414Hr 24-Inch LED Monitors (just purchased from Amazon), printer & wireless mouse & keyboard. Windows 10 found all devices fine, and there were no driver issues. I read some reports of dual monitors not working, but after about 30 minutes of fiddling with the Windows set-up, I was able to get everything working fine (I needed to set-up one of the external monitors as primary, then extend it onto the second external monitor).

    One note & the pen are a wonderful addition and if you are into drawing, or note taking, then the pen (if you can hang onto it) is a refreshing tool to explore a creative outlet.

    I have been monitoring Microsoft’s updates and they seem vigilant about getting updates out promptly to address any issues there might be.

    When I bought this device I thought it would be a tablet that can maybe double as a half way decent laptop, after about two weeks of use I am wondering if it can’t also replace my desktop. It’s an absolute breeze to carry around, and the magnetic power/docking plug seamlessly integrates with the unit making it an absolute cinch to move from office to home.

    The only modification I have made to the device is adding the “SmoothScroll” extension to Google Chrome. I did find the touch-pad a little clunky in Chrome.

    Reviews are a double edged swords where very often it is only the disgruntled that post their comments (or bogus reviews), I hope this offers a counter balance based on my experience.

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